SPRING & SUMMER U13 & U15 & U17 ELITE PROGRAM 

2024 Club Season Overview: Duration: End of April to Mid-End of July

Leauge-Play (*separate from club) Details can be found on your info sheet from tryouts* or see the training team tab

Team Practices: 1/week, Mid-March onwards, @ Saville Centre (Wed or Thurs evening for U16>, some at WP Wagner HS + Legacy Athletics.

For U13-U15 *, various school(s) near Southside, depending on the team, Tues or Thursdays.


  • Rocky Mountain (April 26-28)
  • Good Hoops Summer Slam (June 7-9)
  • GSCO (June 28-July 1)
  • Swoosh Summer Challenge (July 12-14)
  • Genesis, (May 19-21) 1 in Calgary**
  • Cost: $550 (*for U16>above subject to change with team vote)

Your Inclusive Package:

  • Weekly team practices
  • Four local tournaments + 1 Out of City
  • Season length: End of April to Mid-End of July

Consider our Small Group Training & Southside Hoops Membership:

  • Monday - Friday, every day after 4 pm
  • Special offer: End of Jan - End of April
  • 3-month commitment: $450 one-time payment or $150/month
  • Includes Southside Hoops membership perks with a primary focus on training

Benefits of Early Training Enrollment:

  • Reduced league-play team fees (U11, U13, U15) from $325 to $200/season
  • Reduced club team fees (U13 - U17) from $550 to $300-350/season
  • Southside Hoops Membership until the season finishes

For personalized recommendations and details, contact Coach G directly at (780) 257-3438. Once you've chosen your program and understood all the details, you can register online or via e-transfer. Find all program links on the home tab of our website www.edmsouthsidehoops.ca or through EFT.   


Edmonton Southside Hoops & YEG Elite is Introducing Elite Club Basketball for Spring & Summer 2024 

Program details: Our focus this Spring & Summer is set on development & getting our athletes results in preparation for the 2024 basketball season, whether club or school. We are offering a range of teams and will be primarily focused on four committed teams that will represent and compete against local and provincial talent at the U13, U15, U16 & U17 levels. The team will compete in a variety of competitive tournaments, weekend games, practices, and clinics to develop their skills & game all season. The duration of the season will run from mid-April until either mid or end of July, consisting of 1-2x/ team practice each week.


Practice Schedule: (1-2x/week) practices will include basketball team training (1x/week) + intensive off-season training & development involving strength and conditioning, plyometrics, body mechanics & weightlifting, endurance & cardio training on/off practice times. *Training courses will be provided for Elite team players for off-court training*







EXAMPLES of our last fall season, we had everything planned & worked accordingly:

Tournament & Game Schedule: (Local & Out-of-town) 

  • Exhibition Games (Edmonton, AB) Sept 29
  • Thanksgiving Series (Edmonton, AB) Oct 9
  • Good Hoops Classic (Edmonton, AB)  Oct 13-15
  • DTELITE (Red Deer, AB) Oct 20-21
  • Southside Hoops X YEGELITE (Edmonton, AB) Oct 26-28
  • TNBA Jambroee (Edmonton, AB) Nov 3-5
  • Southside Hoops Fall 3x3 Madness (Edmonton, AB) DEC 30, 6 PM - 9 PM 


Program Cost: Includes all tournaments, practices and jerseys provided for + free entry to Southside Hoops 3v3 tournaments (*travel & hotel expenses will be responsible by athlete and/or family attending, *arrangements available*)

*Important to note of Cancelation policy (7-day notice, 50% money back guaranteed) (>7 days notice, no refund)*

                             Southside Hoops Indemnity/Release*

We recognize the possibility of physical injury associated with the sport of basketball. We release SSH and its officers, directors, coaches, employees, agents, volunteers, sponsors, participating athletes, other parents, representatives, and successors, and the schools, school districts, religious organizations, and other owners of the facilities where games/practices are held and their employees (all forging are collectively referred to herein as SSH), from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, and expenses, whether known or unknown, sustained by the player or by the undersigned which in any way arise out of, or are connected with or related to the participation by the player in any activity (including without limitation transportation to and from activities) organized by or in any way associated with Southside Hoops/SSH. We hereby indemnify SSH parties from and hold each of them harmless against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, and expenses that any of them may suffer or incur arising out of or resulting from the player's participation in any activities of SSH or the breach by the undersigned, by the player or by any member of the family of the undersigned or the player, as the case may be, of the Rules and Regulations or the Agreement.


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